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The potential of low voltage electrical appliances market is huge and intelligent
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China has become a big producer and exporter of low-voltage electrical appliances. The research and development of high-end products will still be the main direction of the industry in the future. According to the corresponding power distribution equipment required for new generation equipment during the 12th Five Year Plan period, as well as the need for replacement and maintenance of existing power equipment, it is estimated that the demand for universal circuit breakers, plastic case circuit breakers, small circuit breakers, AC contactors, thermal relays, leakage circuit breakers and other products will reach more than 200 million sets.
The market potential is huge. After more than 50 years of development, the low-voltage electrical industry has formed a complete industrial system. Its products are widely used and the market potential is huge. Statistics show that there are about 1000 series of domestic low-voltage electrical appliances, with an output value of 20 billion yuan. There are more than 2000 production enterprises above Designated Size, mainly concentrated in coastal provinces and cities such as Guangdong, Zhejiang and Shanghai. At present, low-voltage electrical products are in the first generation to the third generation of technical level, the fourth generation of products are still under development.
The domestic market share of most products is still very low, and the domestic market demand for high-end low-voltage electrical appliances still depends on imports. Domestic low-voltage electrical equipment manufacturing enterprises are small in scale and large in quantity. More than 90% of them are in the repeated production of medium and low-grade products, and three generations of products coexist. According to the trend of national policy, the structure of low-voltage electrical products needs to be further adjusted in the future. Products with backward technology, large volume, high energy consumption and environmental pollution will be eliminated.
A number of famous foreign low-voltage electrical manufacturers have launched a new generation of products, including Schneider MT series, Siemens 3WL series, abb e series, GE m-pact series, Kema magnum series; molded case circuit breakers include Schneider NS series, Siemens 3VL series, abb Tmax series, GE recordplus series, and Moeller company. Company nzm series, Kema G series, Mitsubishi WS series. In addition to the features of high-performance, electronic, intelligent, modular, combined and miniaturized, the new generation of products also have the features of communicability, high reliability, good maintenance performance and environmental protection requirements. In particular, the new generation of products can be connected with the fieldbus system to realize the system networking, which makes the function of low-voltage electrical products take a qualitative leap.
High performance. The rated short-circuit breaking capacity and rated short-time withstand current are further improved, and ICU = ICs is realized. For example, MT series products of Schneider company have the maximum operating short-circuit breaking capacity and ultimate short-circuit breaking capacity of 150ka.
High reliability. In addition to requiring high performance indexes, the product can be used without capacity reduction, and can be used for a long time with full capacity without overheating, so as to realize safe operation. Electronic. Modern enterprises have adopted PC control system to replace the system composed of electrical and mechanical components, which is the mainstream of mechanical and electrical control system. The system requires high reliability and anti-interference of electrical products, reliable low-voltage and weak current connection of contacts, and the arc when the contacts are disconnected shall not interfere with the normal operation of electronic circuits. Intellectualization. With the emergence of special integrated circuit and high performance microprocessor, the circuit breaker realizes the intelligent release, which greatly strengthens the protection function of the circuit breaker. It can realize the functions of overload long delay, short-circuit short delay, short-circuit instantaneous, grounding, undervoltage protection, etc. it can also display the voltage, current, frequency, active power, reactive power, power factor and other systems on the circuit breaker. The operation parameters can avoid misoperation under the influence of higher harmonic.
Fieldbus technology. The new generation of low-voltage electrical appliances realizes the communication and networking, can connect with various open field buses, carry out two-way communication, and realize the remote control, remote signal, remote measurement and remote adjustment functions of electrical appliances.
The application of fieldbus technology can not only monitor the distribution quality, but also reduce the loss. Moreover, fieldbus technology can realize regional interlocking for multiple circuit breakers in the same regional power grid, realize the automation of distribution protection, and further improve the reliability of distribution system. PROFIBUS, MODBUS, DeviceNet and so on are used in the field of industrial fieldbus, among which MODBUS and PROFIBUS have great influence.
Modularization and combination. For example, Tmax series introduced by ABB, thermal magnetic type, electronic type and electronic communicable release can be interchanged. All accessories are of modular structure and can be installed without opening the cover. It is the development direction of low-voltage electrical industry to combine different functional modules into modular electrical appliances according to different requirements. Adding auxiliary contact components, delay components, self-locking components, interface components, mechanical interlocking components and surge voltage components on the contactor body can meet the requirements of different occasions, so as to expand the scope of application of the product, simplify the production process, and facilitate the installation, use and maintenance of users. At the same time, it will further improve the reliability and quality of products.
Use green materials. The selection, manufacturing process and use process of product materials shall not pollute the environment and conform to the EU environmental protection directive. The continuous improvement of manufacturing technology of low-voltage electrical products involves a variety of professional processes, such as cold stamping, plastic forming, coil winding, contact welding, mold processing, SMT chip technology, etc., so the improvement of manufacturing technology of low-voltage electrical products is closely related to the improvement of these professional processes.